Earthing Bed Sheets and Arthritis Sufferers

By Steve Dalloway – March 2022

Whist we don’t specifically promote our UK Made Organic Cotton Earthing Bed Sheets for helping people who suffer from Arthritis, however just recently we’ve been having some quality feedback to suggest that they really do help.

Its quite amazing to read how our Earthing Bed Sheets are actually helping people sleep better who suffer from Arthritis.

The e-mail below came from a new customer, who dropped us a line to say how pleased she was with the Earthing Half Sheet and also the results she saw from it in only a few days.

Its worth taking a look below to see what she wrote, as this put a huge smile on our collective faces when we read it…..



“Hello lovely people!

I purchased your earthing bed sheet recently and honestly I’m totally amazed by it!

I don’t really have trouble sleeping but what caught my eye was the claim from many websites that it helps joint pain
and I was willing to try anything at that point.

I have arthritis in my pelvis and lower back and for the last two years I have been plagued by pain and stiffness.

The worse symptoms have been that after sitting for a few minutes or walking for more than ten minutes my hips have seized up
and I can hardly walk; the pain has been excruciating.

I have spent hours and hundreds of pounds at the chiropractors and osteopaths none of which have even remotely helped.
Then I saw a film about earthing online and on searching found your UK based company.

I have slept on your Earthing Sheet for two nights now and each morning I’ve sprung out of bed and have had absolutely NO stiffness.

My hips are working properly again…… Honestly, mother earth is quite incredible.

I know I still have arthritis, but to have little or no pain and no stiffness at all has blown my mind !

Thank you for making this Earthing Sheet and harnessing the healing powers of nature.

The organic chocolate you sent was also a lovely bonus. 

Please use any part of my email if it helps in marketing and thank you, thank you, thank you.”


Melanie Baines……. 

Products purchased – Earthing Pillow Case and Earthing Half Sheet

Receiving e mails from clients like this that tell us about their unique experiences using our UK Made Earthing Bed Sheet products, gives us immense pleasure.

Plus it never ceases to amaze us how much good they can give to the user just by simply sleeping on them.



Arthritis is a degenerative disease that can affect the spine and joints, including the hands, hips, knees and ankles. This condition often gets worse over time. It’s well known that osteoarthritis is one of the major causes leading to knee and hip replacement surgeries in the developed world.

In almost all types of arthritis, inflammation is involved either as a direct cause as in rheumatoid arthritis or as a by product (as in osteoarthritis). That swelling, stiffness and immobility in your joints is a by-product of inflammation. Over time, persistent or chronic inflammation within a joint for example, can end up damaging otherwise healthy cartilage, fluid and tissues.

The Science

During inflammation, the body releases an excess of what are called “free radicals” to repair trauma to the body or fight allergens. These “free radicals” require an electron to stabilise their positive charge. They get these electrons from the harmful substances in your body.

However on occasions things in the body can get a little out of control.

Sometimes, when the harmful substances are gone form the body, the “free radicals” continue their attack, this time turning on the healthy tissues. Over time, this attack on healthy tissues can result in chronic inflammatory illnesses like rheumatoid arthritis or psoriatic arthritis, which are thought to be caused by chronic inflammation.

The good news is that by using Earthing Products it can help to get rid of those excess free radicals from your body.

It does it simply and efficiently just by sleeping on Earthing Bed Sheets made by companies in the UK like Sleep Earthed.

The earth’s surface has a subtle negative charge and is rich in “free electrons”. By grounding your body to the earth, you’re allowing those “free electrons” on its surface to stabilise the free radicals within your body. These electrons give the free radicals what they want, which is a single electron to nullify their positive charge. In this way, earthing is likely to improve the symptoms of arthritis including the associated pain.  Several researchers have now verified the health benefits of earthing for Arthritis sufferers.

The Studies

Its worth looking into them so you can find out more from their full research online should you wish to do so.

A pilot study by the Earthing Guru Clint Ober on 60 people to find the link between chronic pain, sleep, and earthing was an eye-opener on the benefits of this therapy. Amongst improved sleep, pain relief, and other health benefits, his subjects also showed improvement in the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.

A father and son medical duo in Poland, K. Sokal and S. Sokal conducted double-blind studies on groups of subjects ranging between 12 and 84 years old.
They found that earthing is likely to help with osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and other bone diseases too. The subjects showed a significant improvement in the mineral levels in their blood after just a single night of earthing. It also reduced the elimination of calcium and phosphorus from the kidneys and urine, which resulted in an increase in these minerals in the blood. This is ideal because they are essential for maintaining bone health and for improving arthritis and its symptoms.

Dr. Amalu conducted a series of 20 case studies to note significant improvements in chronic pain and inflammation regardless of their cause after just a few days of the subjects sleeping while earthed.

These studies can easily be found on-line if you search for the “researchers names” and “earthing” in the search bar.

Instead of battling the pain, stiffness, sleep disturbances, and other symptoms of arthritis each day, its worth giving Earthing a try.

You can go for a barefoot walk on dewy grass or along a sandy beach, or even a gentle swim in the ocean. Just 30-40 minute barefoot walk on a daily basis can do wonders.

Or, for maximum health benefits if you don’t have time to dedicate yourself to earthing in the daytime, get the benefit of earthing while you sleep with our Earthing Bed Sheet Range. Its by far the simplest way to get all the benefits of Earthing.

For more information about Sleep Earthed and our story please click here.

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