Earthing Half Sheet or a Full Fitted Sheet – What should I buy ?

Steve Dalloway – June 2024

  VS  King Sized Bed Organic Fitted Earthing Sheet

So Half Sheet or Full Fitted Sheet ?

HELP – I don’t know what to buy !

We get this question a lot, so I thought this post might help some undecided Earthing Newbies out there make the choice a little easier…..

As we’ve been manufacturing these products in the UK since Mid 2020, we can 100% tell you what we would choose and why.

It’s the full sheet every time, but we don’t just say that because its more expensive, we say that because once you’ve had both ( and we absolutely have tested both of them ) the answer just is as plain as the nose on your face.

A useful quick comparison so you can see it easily…..

The Earthing Half Sheet – Sold by us and many others.


  • Earths the body during sleep
  • Its cheaper – Approximately 1/2 the cost of a fitted sheet
  • Can be put width or length ways on the bed ( most fit widthways )
  • Comes with a plug and lead
  • Fits pretty much all beds
  • You can take it with you if you travel
  • Made by Sleep Earthed in Leominster UK


  • It moves around at night and requires re-tucking in pretty much every morning
  • If you are a little restless at night, the sheet will move too and it rucks up under your duvet
  • It can form a bit of a ridge in the bed overnight and be a bit uncomfortable ( our experience only )
  • When you wash it, you really have to iron it before you put it back on the bed
  • Its a bit of a faff to put it on the bed after washing and get it tucked under neatly
  • Connecting the earthing lead under the mattress is a bit awkward too.

Organic Cotton Earthing Grounding Half Sheet UK Made       Organic Cotton Earthing Grounding Half Sheet Fitted





The Full Earthing Fitted Sheet – Sold by us and many others too.


  • Earths the body during sleep
  • Fits your bed like a glove and pings flat when fitted on the mattress
  • Elasticated corners keep it snugly in place so zero movement at night
  • Comes with a plug and lead
  • Does not move or ruck up during the night
  • No ironing required so saves you time and easy to pop on the bed
  • The earthing connection is at the head end of the bed for ease of connection to the earthing lead
  • Available in Standard and also Deep Mattress sizes
  • Made by Sleep Earthed in Leominster, Herefordshire, UK


  • It’s around twice the cost of a half sheet because it costs us more to make in time and material
  • That’s it – We cant think of any more cons

Super King Sized Organic Fitted Earthing Sheet On Bed    

Other important things you may want to consider……

On the picture above, you will see a green reinforcement pad, which is standard on the Sleep Earthed UK Made products.

We use the Green Pad to differentiate us with the products made in China which have a Black Pad on them like the image below.

This not only helps you the consumer see where its made, but on the black pad below from China, it relies on just two tiny strands of silver touching the metal popper.  If this connection fails, the sheet stops working.

In our opinion here at Sleep Earthed and as a Qualified Electrical Engineer myself, this is unacceptable and a major design flaw.

When we designed our Earthing Pad, we didn’t go just the extra 1/2 mile as they say, we went the extra full mile to get a much better quality more reliable long term connection for our Earthing customers.

See below for more details.

So as you can see, we don’t rely on a tiny connection between the metal popper and the organic cotton with silver threads.

We have a 7cm x 5cm piece of super conductive special silver material under the pad to make sure we get a rock solid connection to the sheet every time, wash after wash !

So getting back to the Half Sheet VS Full Fitted Sheet question…..

Maybe you are still undecided and thinking, I’m keen to give Earthing a go, but I don’t want to spend my money on something that may not work for me….

Well we can help there too, as we have a 30 day no quibble returns policy which means that if you don’t find it’s worked for you, then we will happily accept the product back for a full refund – No questions asked.

But, amazingly there is a third option we can help you with…..  Our Sleep Earthed Pillowcases.

This is the lowest cost way to get to try grounding and it’s around 1/2 the price of a half sheet for a single pillowcase !  Its a complete no brainer if you are nervous about your purchase and want to give Earthing a try.

Another positive of our Sleep Earthed Pillowcases, is that you an take them on holiday too and continue your earthing journey uninterrupted in whatever part of the World you find yourself in.  Plus they also take up almost zero space in your suitcase.

Sleep Earthed Organic Bed Earthing Pillow Wire   Sleep Earthed Earthing Cable and UK Plug

In conclusion……

If spending money on your health and getting a better quality of sleep isn’t an issue for you, then absolutely the Full Fitted Earthing Bed Sheet is the way to go.

The Earthing Half Sheet works a treat but it does have some comfort and practicality issues, which some may find a little irritating after a while.

The Earthing Pillowcases are a great way to enter and experience the world of Earthing at the lowest cost and to see if it works for you. Plus they are great to take on holiday too !

And finally….. A question which absolutely every Earthing Newbie has on the tip of their tongue……

Can I put a bedsheet over my new Sleep Earthed Earthing Sheet and will it still give me a good connection to the Earth ?

The answer is a resounding 100% no you can’t, because it introduces a barrier between you and the silver threads and prevents you from gaining the full effect of being connected to the Earth – See our FAQ

If you want the Earthing Sheet or Pillowcase to work as intended by the manufacturer, then you need to have skin contact with the sheet. That’s the same with the pillow cases too.  The more skin contact the better actually…….

So if you wear lots of clothes in bed like this handsome beast below, then you wont have much skin touching the sheet.

Need to ask us a question that’s bothering you about Earthing ?

No problems – See our contact us page or just give us a call – Monday to Friday 8am -4pm we are always here to help.

Thanks for reading and Happy Earthing !


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