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After using the Organic Earthing Bed Sheet products ourselves and seeing the benefits of better sleep, we decided that we would start producing the sheets here in the UK, straight from our own textile factory in Herefordshire.

That’s right !  We don’t get these made in China like everyone else out there, we make ours in the UK.

The Company Directors behind Sleep Earthed are Steve Dalloway & Simon Whyte.  Steve is a Qualified Electrical Engineer, whose expertise was in instrumentation for the oil industry, before moving into e commerce in 1998. Simon has 35 years of experience in professionally purchasing all sorts of products from complex electronics through to steel and textiles.  In 2002 together they started www.byretech.com, so they know all about e commerce and how to do it right. The whole UK team are dedicated to ensure that what we make is top quality and absolutely without compromise.

Sleep when you can’t get it, or it’s interrupted is really frustrating. Our Sleep Earthed range of products really can help try to remedy that for you.

Just by simply laying down on these conductive sheets and pillow cases ourselves, we went from broken nights and multiple visits to the loo, directly to seven plus hours of unbroken sleep a night with amazing regularity. So convinced were we that they worked, we decided to put the products into full production here in the UK.

Not everyone wants a standard bed sheet solution and after trying the Half Sheet that simply goes across the bottom of the bed which everyone sells, we soon wanted to swap this for the full fitted sheet option. It’s so much easier to change and use day to day.

For our European and US friends we have a Made To Measure Section too on the website so they can get made what they want if the UK sizes don’t quite fit.

Super King Sized Organic Fitted Earthing Sheet On Bed


As we already manufacture “made to measure” high performance shower curtains here in the UK and because we also have over 17 years of product knowledge in textiles, we decided that these sheets should be made by our own highly experienced and talented production team in Leominster.

So unlike most of the players in this market on Amazon, Ebay and elsewhere, we are the only company that actually manufacture the earthing sheets and employs local Herefordshire people to produce them for you.



We also ship really fast too and that’s important.  We offer FREE NEXT DAY DELIVERY with Fedex, rather than 2-3 weeks from the Far East via an Amazon seller, that you think is UK based but actually isn’t.

We can make everything from fully fitted sheets, baby’s cot sheets, recovery sleeping bags, pillow cases and cushions too.  Have you thought about getting one for your pet maybe ? It might help them sleep better ?

Do you need something a little more bespoke perhaps ? Camper van or even a boat ? 

Maybe you would like to see what our actual clients say about our products ? 

Click here to go to our page at Review.io and access all of our fully independent reviews.

Examples reviews below…..



The Sleep Earthed website is owned and administered by Byretech Ltd

Byretech has been in existence since 2002 and we are known for designing and manufacturing quality bathroom products including
Made To Measure Shower Curtains.

You can easily contact us too, as we want to make it stress free to buy from us and get the answers you need to feel confident to use our beautiful organic bed sheet products. 

Have you a question ?  No problem ! Just contact us and ask for Steve or Simon the Sleep Earthed Guru’s on 01527 522 522 or info@sleepearthed.co.uk

Isn’t it time you get to Sleep Earthed ?


Sleeping Earthed on conductive organic bedsheets helps promote better sleep

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