28 Days to Better Sleep Guarantee.

So the whole reason you’ve landed here, is to see if someone can help you get better sleep right ?

We’ve also added a few pages like Why Earthing ? and Our Story, to tell you about us and why we make these products here in the UK, rather than in China and how we use them ourselves.

In most cases when people get to search for Earthing Sheets, they’ve tried almost everything else to get some good quality sleep.

When we tried these products initially, we were sceptical ourselves believe me. But when we gave them a go, we couldn’t deny that they were having a beneficial effect on us.

So as you get to try our products and hopefully like them, we’ve decided to offer you a 28 Days to Better Sleep Guarantee.

Just so as we are clear – We don’t guarantee you sleep for 28 days straight – That’s a bit silly !

So if you don’t get on with the product for whatever reason, we will take it back no questions asked and refund you in full.

Just send it back to us at Sleep Earthed Returns and we will take care of the rest.

We think that’s kind of fair, as you are trusting us when you buy from us.

Why not take the plunge and get Sleep Earthed ?

You can get in touch with us via our Contact Us Page to ask any questions or even give us a call.

Take me to the products……..


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