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Unlike all the other companies out there that sell the Earthing Sheets, we decided to manufacture ours in the UK, in our own factory in Leominster, Herefordshire.

All the other sheets you see out there online on Amazon or eBay all come from China and we think that’s really quite sad. Especially when we have quality people here in the UK who can match and even eclipse the Chinese for quality, dedication and workmanship.

In the Leominster factory we also make a vast range of standard and bespoke shower curtains too, so our expertise in producing quality manufactured finished goods is second to none. Plus, we have between us over 25 years worth of experience to draw on in this area of manufacturing.

Our Lead Seamstress Linda, is unquestionably the best in the business and there isn’t anything she cant make using the brand new Brother and Pegasus 900M series machines we have in the factory.

There is little point in skimping and getting second hand or low quality sewing machines, so we acquired the best to make your products with.

The factory itself is brand new, as clean as a whistle and fully carpeted too, so no dust or debris gets on your product during the manufacturing process. A densely packed sweatshop this is definitely not……..

We also take great care with the quality control side of the manufacturing cycle too and every sheet is inspected three times through the production process.


Steve, Linda & Neil – Just some of the team involved in manufacturing your Earthing Sheets.


Neil is in charge of the quality control side and once your item has been machined, it goes through from production to be carefully packed and dispatched.

As we are committed to sustainability in manufacturing, we use biodegradable bags for the product and almost all of the packaging we use can be recycled.

So that’s us in a nutshell ! We love what we do and we are all everyday users of our products !

Want to know more ?

No problem – Just contact us and we will be happy to answer any of your questions about us or our products by phone or e mail.

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