Why Earthing?

That’s the 64 million dollar question…..

Many websites on Amazon and eBay just want to sell you cheap stuff that’s really not that well made and maybe not even organic. They trade on the fact you know what you are buying, so they don’t need to go to the time and effort of telling you what its really all about.

That’s not us……

Then there are the guys that have been doing Earthing Products for a while and they really know their stuff. They make nice products and they are worth the money, as ours are. The main difference, is we manufacture the sheets in the UK with UK staff in our own factory in Herefordshire. Absolutely every other product out there from the low cost ones, to the top end priced ones are 100% made in China.

But here at Sleep Earthed we started making these Earthing Sheets because we tried them ourselves and in all honesty we felt better for it. But we wanted to have a UK made product that we can really say oozes quality. When you open a delivery from us the difference is really there to see. We won’t tell you what that difference is, but when you see it, you will know…..

We went from poor broken nights sleep, to a full 6-8 hours of unbroken sleep and we were not even getting up for the loo multiple times either. Certainly a big change there for a start, but that’s just our personal experience.

There is a complete raft of info, videos and testimonials out there to tell you the Earthing Sheets have magic powers and help all sorts of illnesses. One video we saw was 90 minutes long. Seriously who has the energy for that, but it will put you to sleep watching it….

Now whilst all the claims of healing might be true, we like and want to stick to the facts as we know them. We use them ourselves because they work for us and we sleep better. Fact.

What we found was that all you had to do was lay on them to get the benefit. Honestly, its not that difficult to do really. You don’t generally feel anything magical happening, there is no eureka moment. But after a few weeks, our team certainly noticed the difference. It kind of creeps up on you that you’ve been sleeping better. A sleep diary also helps, so you can look back and see the changes.

It seems that the Earth connection to your body is a pretty powerful tool in promoting well-being and again from our own experience it worked.

Now you do have to persevere with it, as its not a silver bullet / cure all from day one. But again from our own personal experience, within a few weeks we definitely started to notice the difference. It may not work for everyone, but we do have some very sceptical employees here at Sleep Earthed and they all say its helped them sleep better.

So isn’t it time to give it a try and Sleep Earthed ?

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