Sleep Diary

When you order one of our products, we add in a Sleep Diary for you free of charge.

But what is a sleep Diary ?

Well as we are all busy people with hectic lives, sometimes its hard to remember how we slept and what we did one, two , three weeks ago. Did the new earthing sheet or pillow make the desired difference to your sleep ? The best way to reflect on this is to keep a Sleep Diary and from our experience you will be glad you did…..

So what we used ourselves is a Sleep Diary. Simple but really worth doing…..

To make it easy we’ve created one for you and its useful when completed daily, to show you any sleep improvements over a three week period. If it has a positive effect over the three week period, then its going to continue to work for you long term for sure.

Just click on the download button below to access our Free Sleep Diary.

Don’t forget if you have any questions about our products just ask, or give us a call as we are here in the UK and we also manufacture here too in our factory in Herefordshire.

Its really time now to Sleep Earthed…..


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