What To Look For When Buying Earthing / Grounding Bed Sheets

Steve Dalloway – March 2024 25

When you are looking to buy a new Earthing or Grounding Bed Sheet or in fact any Earthing product, you need to check out a few things from the company on the screen in front of you.

With all these items offered by the likes of Amazon / eBay and so called regular websites, the question is who do you trust to supply you these days ?

This valuable insight below isn’t just related to Grounding / Earthing websites, it applies to all website purchases.

The Number One thing you should check out 1st is ……….   Can I contact the company I’m looking at and do they tell me where they are located, without me having to dig super deep into their website to find out ?

All this information for example :  Company Address |  Company Contact e mail | Company Contact Number should be 100% readily available.

Check out any reviews they may have on say Trustpilot or Reviews.io / Feefo as these are reputable review sites.  No reviews or bad reviews – Beware !

If the reviews on their website don’t come from a verified reviews website like the above, they are most likely fake and written very positively by the website owners themselves.

If its not a “verified real customer review” then move on and find a company who is willing to share this information easily on their website with you.

If a company doesn’t put this information on their website there is a reason.

Yes I can tell you are totally shocked !

A prime example of a company that gives you all this information easily is Sleep EarthedJust click on this link or the picture and check us out !

A cautionary tale……..

One such “new to the market” Earthing Supplier has a fabulous website, is all over Instagram and Facebook with their all singing and dancing videos, but when you inspect their website closely it’s all AI generated.  They have literally exploded onto the Earthing / Grounding scene from nowhere. Why would that be ?

The text is wonderfully flowery and by using amazingly colourful language and pictures, which is designed to lull you into a false sense of security by the way, they just want you to buy from them of course.  What a great company they are………  But be cautious………  Look a little deeper….. Be inquisitive…….

This particular website looked somehow quite odd to us, so we decided to dig a little further to find out if our suspicions were correct.

They were…………..

There was no company address / No company contact phone numberNo returns policy or address / Nothing to say where they were based at all………..

But why ?  Surely this company is legitimate – I mean they look good on the website ?

Alarm bells started ringing !   All of the things you need to search for when selecting your Earthing or Grounding supplier were not there.

You really need to be very careful who you are potentially going to hand over your money to, if they are not in the UK.

So we e-mailed them to find out who they were and where they were based.

What happened next was quite amazing and not in a good way.

We asked three questions over a period of three days………

  1. What is your company address ?
  2. What is your contact telephone number ?
  3. Where are your products made ?

What we got back as a reply was pretty vague and AI generated……….  AI generated – That means possibly using something like Chat GPT to answer their e mails ?

This new “grounding company” told us they had “various offices around the world” and their products were made in “various locations” around the world.

We were not satisfied with this answer, so we pressed again a little harder……

  1. Where is your head office based ?
  2. Where are the majority of your products made ?

We got a second email to say the company was based in Australia, but they didn’t mention where the majority of products were made.

Still not satisfied we tried again…..

  1. So exactly where in Australia please are you based ?

At this point they stopped communicating with us.  This is very typical of most suppliers in the Far East when you ask them difficult questions.

They really don’t understand how Western Customer Service works. In some Far Eastern countries, you are not allowed to complain as we can and do here in the West.

So what’s the conclusion to all this ?

Well the company who wants you to believe they are based somewhere in the world ( maybe Australia ), but won’t tell you exactly where, is actually based in China.

You have to be really careful dealing with China on direct transactions, as they don’t work on the same levels of customer service and also you have very few consumer rights if any at all, on your purchase if things go wrong.

See our previous article on this which is written from personal experience.  Click here to read it

So what exactly should you look for when choosing a Grounding / Earthing Bed Sheet Suppler ?

  1. Find out the address where they are based – If it’s the UK, you have really good consumer protection if things go wrong.
  2. Find out where their products are made – If they wont tell you directly or spin you a line – they are made in China.
  3. Look for their returns policy – If its not there or vague be careful !
  4. Look for real verified company reviews on Trustpilot/ Feefo / Reviews.io – If they are bad or not existent – Discount them as a supplier

This Chinese supplier has a rating of 2.9 out of 5 on Trustpilot – Our rating on Trustpilot is 4.3 out of 5.  The only problem with Trustpilot is anyone can leave reviews, even the web shop owner themselves.  We don’t use Trustpilot for our Sleep Earthed website for this reason.

Feefo and Reviews.io only let you review the company if you have actually purchased a product, which is absolutely the correct way of doing things.

Our reviews by 100% genuine clients can be found here on Reviews.io – Sleep Earthed

So I hope this has helped you and remember, if you can’t pick up the phone and talk to them, they are not the supplier you want to give your hard earned money to !

And if you want to know about us here at Sleep Earthed, just ask or click here to find out more, as we are the only manufacturer of Earthing bedsheets outside of China.

We even make “Made To Measure” bedsheets too here in the UK, for people with crazy sized Ikea mattresses…..

We hope this has helped you in some way, as not all Earthing Online Stores are equal……

Have you some questions for us about Earthing or Grounding ? – Get in touch and we will be delighted to hear from you.

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