Washing Earthing Bed Sheets and Pillow Cases.

By Steve Dalloway – Feb 2022

We get asked a fair amount online and when people order over the phone, what products should we use to wash our Earthing Bed Sheets ?

Well we know that there are some types of washing products that should be avoided so lets examine those first.

You should avoid these types of products below, as they will affect the silver threads in the bed sheet or pillow case as they cause oxidisation and damage the conductivity and earthing properties of the sheet.

Best Avoid……

  • Powders or liquids that have an “Oxi” on the label
  • Any products that mention bleaching in the general product information
  • Perfumed products that contain “Essential Oils”
  • Bio powders or liquids
  • Washing products that contain Fabric Conditioners as they will also coat / degrade the silver threads
  • All fabric conditioners
  • Tumble dryer conditioner sheets
  • Do not dry clean

Bleach, lotions and essential oils within detergents can tarnish and damage the silver threads making them non-conductive.

Fabric conditioner residue can also build up on the silver thread and this will also eventually ruin its conductive properties too.

Its also wise to check and clean the detergent drawer of your washing machine for residues of other detergents, since many detergents (particularly powders) contain whitening agents which will harm the silver, even in quite small quantities. Especially if you are swapping from Eco to Bio Detergents and vice versa.

After some extensive searching on your behalf and also contacting Eco Detergent manufacturers, we have tested and can recommend the companies products below to wash our Sleep Earthed products with.


  • Tru Earth – These guys don’t use any plastic containers to ship their product in as they are dissolvable Eco Detergent Strips, so a big thumbs up from us. Imagine all the plastic containers going to landfill every day form all the big manufacturers. By using these type of products you eliminate that totally.
    The outer packaging is totally Bio Degradeable too and the product does what it says on the box – Its great ! They have “fragrance free” option which we liked also.  At around 20p a wash they are very cost effective for an Eco Detergent. Just pop a strip in the detergent tray if its a front loader or in the top with the clothes if its a top loading machine. Tru Earth as a company are an absolute delight to deal with too, which goes a long way these days.
  • Ecozone – They have a product called Soap Nuts which is a totally natural berry. Simply put 4-6 berries into a hessian bag to keep the berries together and make it easier to find them after the wash, then pop them into the machine with the clothes. In water they emit a totally natural organic detergent to wash your clothes and is wonderfully sustainable as a product. We hadn’t come across these before and well we were quite sceptical until we tried them.  Totally Organic Product and one bag of 4-6 small berries will do around 4 washes. The bag they come in is also made of natural fibres which gets our approval.  Its worth reading up on them, as its a well known product in Eco Washing circles and worth a try.  Equally Ecozone were a delight to deal with and were very efficient on how they sent us samples and images for us to use. At circa 6p to 8p a wash too, its very economical to use as an organic washing option.
  • A standard non bio liquid works out at around 16p a wash on average.

After trying these products over a lengthy time period we detected no adverse affects on our Earthing Pillow Cases or Bed Sheets.


Tru Earth Sheets


Eco Zone Soap Nuts


Best do……

  • Wash the bed sheets and pillow cases weekly
  • Wash at a maximum of 40C or lower if possible
  • Use one of the two recommended products above Eco Detergent Strips or Soap Nuts
  • Dry naturally or in a tumble dryer on a medium heat
  • Can be ironed on a low heat if required

If you have any more questions on the care of Sleep Earthed products please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Click here.


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