Earthing Pillow Cases And Dreaming At Altitude

By Steve Dalloway – Jan 2022.

As a complete earthing enthusiast, I was on holiday recently and I decided to take with me my Earthing Pillow Cases.

As I sleep much better when I am at home with my fully fitted bed sheet, I was curious to see how the Earthing pillow cases would work away from home.

For sure they are much easier to pop in a suitcase……

Testing them out in the Alps at a very high altitude (1740m above sea level) was going to be interesting for sure.

Above picture is taken at Obertauern – Austria.

For those who have ever tried to get a good nights sleep at altitude it’s pretty tough. The air is thinner and it’s a little harder to breath.  Plus it’s also incredibly dry and the throat and nose tend to suffer quite a bit.

You would think with all the snow, the atmosphere would be  quite damp, but that’s not the case at all. In fact quite the reverse.

In previous years when waking up, my tonsils would swell up a lot and my nose get properly bunged up first thing in the morning.

So after six nights nights in Austria at a very high altitude, I can say that I was impressed that I could sleep easier than Ive done in the previous years travelling to the same resort. Plus I had zero swelling of my throat / tonsils, so no sore throat when I woke up in the am either.

But the major difference I noted was in the dreaming I experienced during the night.

Bed Sleep Icon

Generally I do dream sporadically at home using the earthing bed sheet, but just using the pillow case was on a different level altogether.

Maybe its because it’s your head that’s in direct contact with the pillow case that’s then connected to earth ?

It goes without saying that I slept better too.

Before we left I tested a few travel adapters we had and they all worked perfectly to get the earth connection in the wall sockets in the Austrian hotel room, which has European wall sockets.

One Earthing Plug and a standard UK to EU adapter with two earthing leads – One for each Sleep Earthed Pillow.

It’s as simple as it looks to get a great nights sleep too.

Not only did I sleep quite a bit better the longer I stayed, but the dreams were very vivid indeed.

Now I have to admit there was a glass or two of wine involved, but overall I was quite surprised that when I awoke, I could most of the time drop off back to sleep and continue the same dream.

It certainly wasn’t the outcome I expected at all during my one weeks stay in the Alps. Equally surprising was the amount of snow we had.  Two feet in two days…..


As a manufacturer of the bedsheets in the UK, we have been continually surprised by what our clients tell us about how our products have affected their lives.

To see all of our our company and product reviews you can simply click here

We have people now not needing pain medication, sleeping better and feeling more refreshed when they wake up.

We even have clients who say they no longer hear their partners snoring and they put this down to sleeping deeper, so the snoring is no longer a significant distraction.

If the menopause is an issue, see our blog on that too and how it helped one of our employees wives tremendously.

All of this comes from either our own personal experiences or what our clients tell us has happened to them after using our products.

Testing the pillow cases in a holiday environment especially at altitude has been intriguing and has prompted a lot of thoughts.  I certainly will now make the pillow case a permanent fixture on the what to take list.

However, we now have a Travel / Recovery Earthing Sleeping Bag too in the range and we’ve made it a little longer and wider so you don’t feel too constricted during sleep.

We know that athletes tend to use these products when they want to get a good nights sleep and also when they travel, so as the body recovers more quickly during sleep.

It’s reported that cyclists on the Tour De France have used similar products to good effect.

So from a week at high altitude, I can conclude that an unexpected side effect of using Sleep Earthed Pillow Cases is that my dreams were pretty amazing and I avoided the sore throat that I usually suffer with.

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