Earthing Bed Sheets and the Menopause

By Steve Dalloway – Sleep Earthed – December 2021

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Here at Sleep Earthed, one of the things we do as standard, is give all employees one of our Earthing Bed sheets, so they get to experience what good nights sleep feels like.

One of our newest employees had a sheet in Mid November 2021 for himself and his wife to use, just to see if it helped them sleep better.

As we always do, we ask how they are getting on with the bed sheet and has it made a positive effect on their sleep ?

What we learned was that both our new employee and his wife had had better sleep since they started using the sheet. But what were unaware of at the time, was our new employees wife was going through the menopause and had not slept well at all for a long time.

By simply using our Earthing Bed Sheet in the same way as a regular fitted bed sheet, she was getting a really good unbroken nights sleep almost from day one and it was in stark contrast to how she was sleeping before using the sheet.

So as this isn’t something we had considered our bed sheets could help with, so we decided to do some more research on the matter.

What we found was entirely in line with what our employee’s wife had described.

What was even more interesting, is that when discussing this information with a local NHS Surgeon and good friend of Sleep Earthed, he told us that in his opinion, this product would be of major help to ladies going thorough the menopause.

It was now time to do a little more investigation, into what others have experienced using Earthing products during the menopause.

In summary what we found by reading all the blogs and research out there was as follows :

1. Sleeping through the night was now possible.
2. Sleeping deeper, so you don’t wake up as easily during the night.

3. No drugs were involved, so no hangover feeling in the morning.
4. Reduced PMS.
5. Fewer hot flushes
6. Feeling better and having more energy when waking.
7. Fewer and less painful cramping.
8. Generally feeling happier about life.

9. Improvement in general aches and pains.

We have also added some links below at the bottom of this blog, which may be of interest.

With all Sleep Earthed Bed Sheets, we offer a 28 Day Sleep Guarantee, so if the Earthing Sheet we make here in the UK doesn’t work for you, we will happily accept it back for a refund. This is subject to our terms and conditions of course.

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