Get Grounded with Sleep Earthed: Experience the Power of Earthing Bed Sheets

Steve Dalloway  –  November 2023

So What is Grounding ?

Grounding, also known as Earthing, is a therapeutic technique that involves doing activities that “Ground” or electrically reconnect you to mother earth.

This practice relies on earthing science and grounding physics to provide your body with the abundant supply of free electrons present in the Ground.

The process of Grounding or Earthing can help with everything from improving sleep, combating inflammation and chronic pain, and even addressing insomnia and autoimmune diseases. Here at Sleep Earthed, we major on the sleep side of things. In short, if your skin is touching the Earth, you are Earthed or Grounded!

But you simply can’t walk barefoot in a forest all day and night – that just wouldn’t be practical.

The Science Behind Grounding

The human body is electrical by its very nature.

Our heart and nervous system are prime examples of electrical systems that determine how we feel, move, think, and behave. Therefore, maintaining optimal electrical function in our bodies is crucial for overall physical and mental health. Grounding or Earthing allows for the transfer of negatively charged electrons from the earth through into the body where they neutralise positively charged, destructive free radicals involved in chronic inflammation.

Sleep Earthed’s Commitment to Grounding

Sleep Earthed is committed to helping individuals unlock the potential benefits of Grounding or Earthing. We believe that Grounding can significantly improve quality of life and we strive to make Grounding accessible to everyone, everywhere.

Manufactured in the UK, in our own dedicated Earthing Factory in Leominster Herefordshire, we produce the finest quality, organic, conductive bedsheets and pillow cases out there, to get you Grounded or Earthed, as we prefer to say.

The Magic of Sleep Earthed’s Earthing Sheets

Our earthing sheets are designed with both comfort and function in mind. They are made from organic cotton and interwoven with conductive silver threads to create a grounded connection via your wall socket in your home. This allows you to ground yourself while sleeping, reading or relaxing in your most sacred place, your bed. Our fitted sheets are simply fantastic and are made to fit so snugly to your bed they “Ping” when you fit them.  No ironing, no fuss, just fit and snooze…..

Sleep Earthed Product Label Earthing Bed Sheet

The Benefits of Sleeping Grounded

Sleeping grounded can provide various health benefits. It can improve sleep, reduce inflammation, increase energy, lower stress, improve circulation, and speed up recovery from intense athletic activity. By sleeping grounded, you are essentially harnessing the power of the earth to boost your well-being.

How to Use Sleep Earthed’s Organic Cotton Earthing Bed Sheets

Using our earthing bed sheets is as simple as any regular fitted sheet. Just spread it on your bed like a normal bedsheet, tuck it in, and connect the lead to the wall socket in your home. We only use the “Earth Pin” in the plug and once connected your bed is Earthed or Grounded. Then, once you lie down on the earthing sheet, your body begins to receive the earth’s natural energy and the magical journey begins… it’s so, so simple!

Super King Sized Organic Fitted Earthing Sheet On Bed

Experience Grounding with Sleep Earthed

With Sleep Earthed, getting grounded has never been easier or more comfortable. Our earthing sheets provide a simple, effortless way to incorporate grounding into your everyday routine. Experience the incredible health benefits of grounding with Sleep Earthed today.

Remember, when you Sleep Grounded or Earthed, you sleep soundly. So why wait? Get grounded with Sleep Earthed today.

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