An Incredible Product Review From A Grateful Earthing Client.

Steve Dalloway  –  September 2023

On occasions, we get reviews from clients that really blow us away….

The below review is just one of those and we have spoken to the client on three separate occasions, so we know its 100% genuine.

It involves the clients brother, who was very ill and in intensive care.

This is the review he sent us and it can also be found here on where all our company reviews are held.

Gary Byrne – Sleep Earthed Client Review – Sept 2023

“I would like to thank Steve and all of the Team at Sleep Earthed.

I bought an earthed fitted sheet from the company last year.  At the time I was having chest pains I later discovered to be angina and allergies.
I found my sinuses were clearer, I slept much better and chest pains went away a few months after I started using the sheet.

I also bought a pillowcase too a couple of months ago. It proved to be an inspired decision and I believe played a pivotal part in saving my Brother’s life.

He was admitted to Intensive care a month ago with severe pneumonia in both lungs and myocardial inflammation in his heart. The consultant advised us that his chances of survival were slim. He was induced into a coma and put on a ventilator.

The doctors laid him on his front as he was so bad.

I talked the head nurse into connecting my earthing pillowcase to a pillow and plugging in into the electrical socket on the third day in ITU.

And that was when my Brother started to recover.

The first sign was the inflammation in his heart reduced almost overnight.  So much so that the medication for his heart and blood pressure abnormality was stopped.

I contacted Steve at Sleep Earthed and purchased another pillowcase so that we could change it to keep the hospital happy with hygiene.
Kindly he sent it out straight away by courier and provided a third one for free.

We kept up the regime of daily swapping the pillowcase and the staff at ITU were happy to allow us to continue to allow my Brother to use the Earthed Pillowcase.

He left hospital today and I strongly believe that Earthed Pillowcase played a large part in saving his life.

Thank you so much for your kindness towards my Brother and I.”

When Gary initially contacted us and spoke to Simon here, he asked if we thought the pillowcase could help his brother ? We had to answer that we didn’t know.

Also in ITU’s, the Doctors and Nurses are very particular about what can and can’t be plugged to their power supplies.

But as our Earthing Products just utilise the earth connection on the sockets, they use no power at all and would be very safe to use.

We believed that the product would not affect the equipment that is used in the ITU, so it should not be a problem at all.

Sleep Earthed Organic Bed Earthing Pillow

Gary purchased the pillowcase and set about persuading the ITU ( Intensive Treatment Unit ) staff to let him use the product.

Apparently this wasn’t at all easy, as the staff had zero knowledge of Earthing unlike Gary of course.

When it started to work for his Brother and he started showing positive signs of improvement, Gary came back to us for a second pillowcase, so he could rotate them and keep the area nice and hygienic for his brother.  I ( Steve ), had a long chat with Gary who was so unbelievably grateful that our product that in his opinion, had in some small way helped his brother to improve and reduce the inflammation he was experiencing.

Although we promote our products mainly to help people sleep, we are also acutely aware of the positive benefits of the sheets helping to fight inflammation within the body too.

We didn’t hear from Gary for a while and then he let us know that his brother was out of hospital and he needed a full earthing sheet for him to continue his recovery.

Again Gary was incredibly grateful to our company for supplying the products and also he believes that they played an important part along with the incredible hospital staff in saving his brothers life.

With all the contacts between Sleep Earthed and Gary, we really did have to pinch ourselves, as this is an incredibly moving and positive story.

Its also one we had to share with our clients, as powerful reviews like this don’t come along every day.

Have you got a story for us ? How did Earthing help you or your family – Please let us know……


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