Earthing Pillow Case – UK Made – Organic Cotton with Silver Threads

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The 100% Organic Sleep Earthed Pillow Cases compliment our bed sheets perfectly. Made by us in our UK factory, they are an absolute delight to rest your head on.  They have Earth connections on them too, so add a plug and cable to your basket if you want to use them without an Earthing Sheet. It’s the best way to try us out !

With Fast Free UK Delivery too.

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Along with our Earthing Bed Sheets you can now add in Organic Grounded Pillow Cases too. Made from the same conductive organic cotton material and having an earth connection on them too, in case you are using them without our Earthing Sheets when you are perhaps travelling.

  • Made in the UK
  • Free delivery
  • Super soft organic cotton with silver conductive threads
  • Easy to wash and tumble dry
  • Earths your body whilst you sleep
  • Optional UK / EU Plug & 4m cable

If you are using them with one of our earthing sheets, there is no need to connect the earthing cable and plug to the pillows, as they will be earthed via simply laying on top of the Earthing Bed Sheet. The pillows have strands of silver running through the material to make it a conductive matrix and helping you Sleep Earthed to get maximum benefit out of your rest periods.

If ordering a pair, they will come as a left and right pillow, so the earthing point is at the top of each pillow case. Soft to the touch and all designed to help you get a better nights sleep.

For laundering the product, we find its best to wash it at 40C weekly, with a non bio eco detergent / no conditioner and to protect the sheet wash it separately.  Tumble dry on a medium heat. We recommend you use Laundry Strips from Tru Earth and Soap Nuts from Ecozone.  We’ve tried both and we really like them a lot.

Have some questions or want to call us to place an order over the phone ? No problems, just e mail us from our contact us form or call us on 01527 522 522 and ask for Steve or Simon the Earthing Guru’s.

Earthing Pillow Case – Specifications

Width 50cm
Length 80cm
Earthing Point Yes
Organic Cotton Yes
Plug & Earth Lead Order separately as an optional extra
Delivery Free UK Delivery
Weight N/A
Organic Earthing Pillow Case

Single, Pair

Plug Fitting

EU Plug, UK Plug, 2 x EU Plugs, 2 x UK Plugs, No Plug

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