Grounding Rod Kit – Connects Directly to The Earth

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The Sleep Earthed Grounding Rod Kit comes complete with a Metal Spike and a 12m extension cable, so you can connect directly to the earth outside your building instead of using the house earth wiring.

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The Sleep Earthed Grounding Rod Kit allows to to connect an Earthing Bed Sheet or Grounding Mat to the Earth outside your home, rather than typically using the wall sockets.

The kit comprises of a 30cm metal spike which is pushed into the ground and a 12m extension cable to connect to your existing Earthing Bed Sheet Cable.

In essence its a huge extension lead, so you can Earth to the outside without using the wiring in your home.

It can also be used if you have an Earthing Half Sheet or Recovery Sleeping Bag and want to use it in maybe a Tent, Caravan, Mobile Home or Motor Home for example.

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All done !  Now it’s really time to Sleep Earthed…….

Weight 0.134 kg
Dimensions 30 × 10 × 10 cm

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