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Grounding / Conductive Earthing Mat – Earth Your Feet or Hands Easily

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The Sleep Earthed Grounding or Earthing Mat is and is a great way to ground the body at work or rest.
You can use this product to rest your hands on when working on the computer or even rest your bare feet on it under your desk, or even when relaxing at home in front of the TV.
Even though its just touching your hands or feet, it still means that you are fully earthed and ready to get some quality free electrons. The Earthing or Grounding Mat a free Plug and 4m cable and Fast Free UK Delivery too.

Isn’t it time to get a Sleep Earthed keyboard mat ?

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The Sleep Earthed Grounding Mat is a quality product to help you Earth or Ground your body at your desk or whilst relaxing barefoot in front of the TV.

  • Free delivery
  • Soft conductive leatherette rubber mat with green cotton earthing piping
  • Warm to the touch
  • Non slip back for desks or floors
  • Easy to clean with soap and water
  • Earths your body whilst you work or watch TV
  • Can be used under your desk to earth or ground your bare feet
  • Comes complete with plug / 4m cable
  • Note Keyboard and Mouse are not included in this kit

Grounding or Earthing Mat – Specifications

Width 25cm
Length 65cm
Thickness 0.5cm
Earthing Point Yes
Conductive black leatherette upper with non slip foam back Yes
Plug included Yes
4m Earth Lead included Yes

Grounding or Earthing Mat – Overview

Just pop the Grounding / Earthing mat on to of or under your desk, attach the popper to the mat and plug it in – Its as simple as that to set up.

The wall socket is usually switched off all the time and there is no need to unplug from the wall when you are not using the mat.

You are just using the earth connection on the socket, which is unaffected by the on off switch.

You can use this grounding or earthing mat virtually anywhere in the house. Watching TV, working at your desk, or just relaxing.

Even though it’s just touching your hands or feet, it still means that you are fully earthed and ready get some quality free electrons into your body.

There is a lot of evidence out there online, that the Earthing or Grounding Mats can aid in helping the body with certain medical conditions too.

We tend to go from our own experiences of using the product and we feel that for us, the big win was getting more more free electrons into the body during the day as we also use Earthing Bed Sheets at night to help us get quality sleep.

Staying Grounded or Earthed whilst you work can really help you rest more effectively and recharge the body, but we find the best and most convenient way to do this is when you sleep. Along with our Earthing Bed Sheets, we can also offer Earthing Pillow Cases too.

For cleaning the product, we find its best to sponge it down with soap and water as it’s a very easy to clean product.

Our Earthing or Grounding Mats come with a plug of your choice and 4m lead. Soft to the touch, fantastic quality and a just a few clicks away with Fast Free UK delivery too.

Please note – the Keyboard and Mouse are not included as its for visual purposes only.

Have you any questions about our Earthing Mats ? Contact Us Here or give us a call on 01527 522 522 during office hours and we will be happy to help.

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 65 × 28 × 0.5 cm
Plug Fitting

EU Plug, UK Plug, US Plug

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