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All our sheets come with an Earthing Plug and 4m Cable. But if it gets lost or damaged, no problems we naturally sell spares to get you back earthed again.

This plug and cable are specifically designed for European mains wall sockets.

Please note. Our European Earthing Plug and 4m cable is designed to work with our bedsheets and the popper may not fit your sheet if its from another manufacturer.

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The Sleep Earthed European Two Pin Plug and Cable comes as standard with all our earthing sheets if shipped to Europe, but you can of course buy them separately too if need be. The plug is as per all the ones you currently have in most European homes, but with a few little but important differences.

This European standard plug and lead is ideal if you are on holiday or want to use your sheet / pillowcases if you travel abroad.

First of all the only connection made with this plug is to the top and bottom of the plug which is the earth in all of your wall sockets at home. So the plug isn’t connected to Live or Neutral like all of your other electrical equipment, as the Sleep Earthed bed sheets only need an earth connection to work and give you the benefit of being connected to the earth when you sleep.

With all of our products, its only possible to use our plug and cable as they are made specifically for our products. The plug has two holes in the front where one or two earthing cables can be connected. You can use either one it doesn’t matter. We have two plug connections because in some cases, clients may want to just use two Sleep Earthed pillows without the Earthing Sheet.

Simply plug into the wall, insert the lead and then attach the other end onto the popper on your Sleep Earthed bed sheet. It doesn’t matter if the switch on the wall socket ( if you have one ) is on or off, as you are only using the earth connection.

All done !  Now it’s really time to Sleep Earthed…….

Weight 0.134 kg
Dimensions 10 × 9 × 5 cm

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