Why is Grounding or Earthing so good for my body ?

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By Steve Dalloway – Sleep Earthed – October 2021.

So if you were walking along bare foot on a beautiful beach or through soft grass on your lawn at home, you are without knowing it practicing “Earthing” or “Grounding”.

It really feels good doesn’t it ? But do you really know why ?

It may be just that you are on holiday, but it can be because you are getting the benefits of “natural earthing” without realising it……

Your body is a super complex electrical system and its affected in many different ways by your surroundings.

Natural Earthing – Barefoot on a beach.

For example, things we take for granted such as mobile phones, wifi routers, computers, printers, microwaves etc all generate electromagnetic fields, which create what are called “free radicals” within the body when you are exposed to them.

You can’t see them but they are there. Plus, our environment is becoming more and more saturated with these types of devices year on year.

Electrical product such as phones, Wi-Fi routers and computers all generate electrical interference.

These so called “free radicals” from electronic devices can cause inflammation and energy loss within the body.

Most diseases and ailments have some link to inflammation and problems such as joint pain, headaches, bad circulation, lack of sleep and stress can be helped by the practice of Earthing or Grounding.

Grounding works best when your bare skin touches an earthed surface such as grass, a beach or even your patio outside your house.

But there are times when you simply can’t do this, such as in the winter or when you are at work.

However, there are solutions that can give you the Earthing you need to recharge the body with negatively charged electrons, plus help neutralise the positively charged free radicals in the body too.

If you think of the body as a simple battery, to work well it needs positive and negatively charged ions to function. All batteries have a +ve and a -ve end . Only having one or the other end connected and you are not going to get the energy out of the battery that you need.

Your body is similar, in that it absorbs the energy created around you from electrical appliances, but to balance this it also needs the negatively charged electrons which come from the earth or Grounding / Earthing your body.

By grounding regularly by using organic conductive bed sheets, this really helps with energy levels and promotes better deeper sleep.

Sleeping Grounded is like sleeping connected to the Earth.

By far the easiest way to ground effectively is by sleeping on an Earthing Bed Sheet. When doing this the sheet is connected to a wall socket which is in turn connected to the ground outside your property. Therefore you are practicing Earthing or Grounding.

This means now that your body (via the silver threads woven into the bed sheet you are laying on) is connected to the Earth.

So by doing this you are getting the benefit of all those negatively charged electrons effectively recharging your body whilst you sleep.

Studies have found that Earthing or Grounding can help the blood flow throughout the body too, which is a very positive by-product as it means less pain, less illness and better overall health for us all.

Sleep Earthed Organic Bed Earthing Bed Sheet Label Closeup
Organic Cotton Earthing Bed Sheets and Pillow Cases made in the UK by the team at SleepEarthed.

As the author of this piece I’ve been bed sheets since early 2020 and honestly they are a complete revelation.

Even through the stresses and strains of the pandemic, I was getting my regular 7 or 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Personally now I just wouldn’t sleep without one and I even take a pillow case on holiday with me…..

Do you need to know more ? Have you a question in your mind ?

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