Do Earthing Or Grounding Sheets Really Work ?

By Steve Dalloway – Sleep Earthed – August 2021

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A lot of people before they buy, really want to have this question answered, so from a manufacturers and users point of view I can tell you what they did for me.

So at Sleep Earthed we major on telling people about the Sleep Benefits of using an Earthing or Grounding Sheet.

There are other health benefits too, but as we don’t have first hand experience of this we tend to stick to what we know and have witnessed / experienced ourselves.

So this is from my own personal perspective on how the Earthing Sheets affected my sleep and wellbeing over an 18 month period.

  • I now sleep more deeply
  • I get more hours sleep ( Around 6.5 / 7.5 on weekdays )
  • I don’t now get up in the night to use the bathroom ( Previously is was twice per night )
  • I have become immune to being woken up by my wife’s snoring – I just don’t seem to hear it any more
  • I feel now as if I’m getting a better nights sleep
  • Fewer aches and pains when I wake up

Now the Earthing Sheets are not a “Silver Bullet” and they don’t work for everyone. But they do work for most people.

They can also take a few weeks or even months to really see a difference in how much better you sleep.

That’s why we give in every order we ship we put a free Sleep Diary and we also offer a 28 Days To Better Sleep Guarantee too.

By using this diary and recording how you sleep over a three week period, you can see if its made any changes to your overall sleep pattern. Majority of the time its quite interesting to see the differences. Unless you fill this in and keep tabs on it, you can’t really remember how you slept three weeks ago. So its quite useful to have.

On our review page we have all the reviews from verified users of our products, who have given some interesting insights into how they worked for them. Its worth giving them a read and making your own mind up.

Remember a lot of companies who don’t use an independent reviews company like we do, in all honesty put up fake reviews to tempt you to buy.  I know ! Can you imagine companies would do that ?

There are lots of articles on the web giving information on the bedsheets and most of them are from the USA. There are trials and studies galore and some are quite confusing to read to be honest. Some are even sponsored, so its best to discount those ones, as they just want to push you towards a particular manufacturer or product.

Linda our Head Seamstress at our Production Facility in Leominster – She is absolutely brilliant !

We put these Bed Sheets into production in our factory in rural Herefordshire, because we tried a competitors product and thought wow this really works.

We also make “made to measure” shower curtains there too and that’s for the other part of our business Byretech Ltd who specialise in Bathroom Products and have been around since 2002.

All the other Earthing Bedsheets out there are all made in China and we wanted to make ours in the UK – There is no reason not to, as we have all the experience, the people and the machinery to do so.

From the e mails and calls we get everyday, we know that our clients really value knowing where exactly the product was manufactured and as the above picture shows, who actually made it.

We also don’t shy away from telling you who we are and how you can contact us either. If you are buying a product online isn’t it good to know that they are real and can be easily contacted for support ?

Sadly those guys on Amazon, eBay and the like can’t give you the customer support we can and most of the time they are not even based in the UK.

More and more now we see Chinese companies making you think they are based in the UK, but they are not – Check to see if they have a UK address or a phone number ? If not give them a miss – Click here for our first hand experience of this – Its unbelievable !

So there we are – A real users perspective on our Organic Conductive Earthing / Grounding bed sheets and pillow cases.

Have you more questions ? Can we advise further ?

Get in touch via our Contact Us page – we are always here Monday to Friday in our UK manufacturing facility.

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