How long does it take for Earthing to work for me ?

By Steve Dalloway – Feb 2022

Yesterday I got a really interesting call from a lady who had been brought an Fitted Earthing Bed Sheet for Christmas by her Daughter to help her Sleep Earthed or Grounded.

Her question to me was “how long do they take to work”, as she had not seen any tangible benefits since starting to use the sheet over Christmas ?

( Although strangely enough her husband had )

We don’t get this type of question a lot, so what we always do in this instance, is revert back to our own experiences of using our Sleep Earthed bedsheets.

Also when we do get this question, its generally from people who have been given the bedsheet as a present, rather than someone who has taken time and effort to research Earthing and gain some rudimentary knowledge on the subject.

So as we continued chatting, it was clear that the lady was keen to understand more about the how’s and why’s of Earthing and what to expect.

Sleep Earthed Organic Bed Earthing Sheet Instructions

At this point I thought its would be worthwhile just explaining our own experiences of the product and how it worked for us all here at Sleep Earthed.

For me, the earthing sheet worked almost immediately and as I explained, at this time in 2020 we didn’t have the benefit of using the “Sleep Diary” to help us track the changes we were seeing.  Without the diary its was quite hard to remember how we slept just a few days ago, so checking progress and any improvement was impossible.

What I personally noticed after few months using the bedsheet was the following :

  • I slept for longer than I have done before
  • I didn’t wake up to go to the loo in the night (previously it was 2-3 times a night)
  • I slept more deeply and my wife who snores, wasn’t waking me up any more
  • Once I got to sleep, I slept well and my dreams were quite vivid and pleasant
  • When I woke I felt pretty good and generally in a reasonably good mood ( I’m not really a morning person )

I explained this to our caller and she said “well that isn’t me……..”

So our conversation turned to Simon here at Sleep Earthed who is a self confessed insomniac.

When we first started using the earthing sheets, we kind of got it wrong and were putting them under a normal fitted cotton bed sheet.

We know now from testing, that this isn’t the way to get the best benefits from the Earthing Bed Sheet. You’ve got to be laying on the sheet with at least some skin contact and then it can do its job.

Simon when we started using the sheets, was getting maybe 2-3 hours of terribly broken nights sleep a night.  Not great ! But this wasn’t new, he’d been sleeping like this for many years and almost got used to having little poor quality sleep.

After three months of use, he found some improvement but nothing to really write home about.

He was saying to me that its not working for me and was talking about giving up using the product……

This was in Mid 2020 right in the middle of the Coronavirus Pandemic and for lots of reasons, not many people were getting great sleep due to the stresses and strains it put on all of us.

I persuaded him to stick with it ( a tough ask ) and to his credit he did and now after 18 months of using the sheet consistently, he has now gone from 2-3 hours sleep to almost 6 hours pretty consistently.

But the point here is this took almost 18 months to achieve.

In todays society, we expect everything to be immediate – Internet connections / illness remedies / shopping deliveries etc etc.  Sometimes for things to get better, we need to allow some time for the body to react to the changes we are putting it through.  Not everything is as immediate as “Click and Collect”……

So carrying on the conversation with this lady, she was staring to understand that maybe she was a little like Simon here and she needed to give it some more time to see the changes.  Plus the sleep diary was a useful tool to monitor these fairly subtle changes.

We also discussed the fact that in her opinion, she felt her mind could not shut down at night.  This happens to us all from time to time and its incredibly difficult to calm it down.

What I personally do when this happens to me is the following:

  • Pick a walk I know well and can visualise in great detail
  • Pick a favourite golf course and play it shot by shot in detail
  • See a favourite holiday location and again visualise walking around it again in detail

Normally if I concentrate really hard, I never finish the walk or the round of golf, as I’m asleep way before then.

On the odd occasion that I can’t get to sleep and that’s rare these days, the mind keeps jumping out of the simulation I’m playing in my head.

Generally whatever I’m then seeing is what I’m worrying or mithering about and that’s what I focus on fixing as soon as I can. Once you know what the issue is and you’ve recognised it then great, there is the issue right there.

Now my new friend on the end of the phone was starting to see what Earthing was all about and how some people react to it quickly and some not so.

Sleep Earthed Organic Bed Earthing Bed Sheet Label Closeup

I then carried on to a new (ish) employee we have here at Sleep Earthed called Dean and by the way, all our employees are offered earthing bed sheets when they join us for free.  They have to “get it” and “feel it” to be able to explain it.

When we explained the product to Dean he was quite sceptical and I could see it in his eyes.  That’s absolutely normal if you’ve not done the research into Earthing and the benefits it brings.

He then took a sheet home and both he and his wife tried it.  By his own admission a month later, Dean was still laying in bed waiting for something to happen…… Oh dear, he was expecting that much talked about silver bullet to arrive…..

On the other hand his good lady wife who was a really poor sleeper took to it like a duck to water and it really improved her sleep from day one.

Now as I write this five months into using the Earthing Bed Sheet, Dean tells us he has now noticed that he is also sleeping better and the dreams he has now are wonderfully vivid.

Here at Sleep Earthed, we concentrate on the sleep side of what earthing can do for our clients.  We do know that it also has heath benefits too, but we prefer ( as fit and healthy boys and girls here ) to concentrate our efforts at the sleep angle, because we have now a lot of personal experience to draw from.

My new friend went away from the conversation having a much greater understanding of the subject of Earthing and has decided not to give up on it, as she could have so easily done. For us this is great, as with many things in life, they are not immediate and you need to give them time to work.

So if you are giving the “Gift Of Sleep” as a present, please make sure you do some educating of the recipient also, so they understand what it is and how it works. Because without this information, they may just give up on a great product way too soon……

If you have any questions about this topic or our Earthing Sheets and Pillow Cases, just contact us and we will be happy to assist.

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