Snoring and Earthing Bed Sheets

By Steve Dalloway – May 2022

When you or your partner snores in bed, it can be utterly devastating for the other.

From personal experience, I know all to well how getting an unbroken nights sleep is very difficult when your significant other half snores.

There are a lot of so called cures out there and some of them do kind of work for a while. We’ve tried quite a few to see if they can help us both sleep.

In reality for a short period of time, some of them do make a difference, but the majority for us didn’t.

Snoring Rings, Nose Strips, Mouth Guards, CPAP, Face Masks, Essential Oil Drops and the list goes on…..

But you know, if it works for you and you get the sleep you need then fine.

For me having stuff on your face whilst you try to sleep is both uncomfortable and really irritating to be truthful.

We all had enough of mask wearing during the pandemic and no one wants to go there again.




Snoring and Sleeping Earthed

When we started to use the Sleep Earthed Bed Sheets at home, we definitely after a while, noticed we were sleeping better.

Undeniably we were sleeping better…..

That’s great we thought and as a UK manufacturer of the sheets, its important that we use them ourselves and are able to explain to clients how they work.

The best explanations are always personal ones that we’ve experienced, so as a company, we’ve always majored on how they had helped us get better sleep.

Then right out of the blue, like a bolt of lightening, it hit me !  My wife wasn’t snoring any more !  Or so I thought…..

Actually, what was happening is that she was still snoring as before, but because I was in such a deep sleep now during the night, it no longer woke me up.

Nothing for me had changed other than I was now sleeping on our Earthing Bed Sheets and using our Earthing Pillow Cases too.

This was truly excellent news for all concerned, as previously to this, I was waking her up to stop the snoring.

No one in our household was getting a great nights sleep.

As a pretty sceptical lady and a NHS Health Professional, my wife humoured me when we started using and making the bed sheets.

That was 2 years ago and a lot has changed since then.

This weekend she is away with friends and she told me she has taken an Earthing Pillow Case with her to help with the sleeping.  I think she is now convinced…..

Helping with the effects of snoring was yet another side effect of Sleeping Earthed and honestly it took us a while to realise it.

The other major side effects I personally noticed were as below…..

  • I was getting very regularly eight hours sleep and more at weekends
  • I wasn’t getting up in the night to use the bathroom
  • I felt quite rested when I woke up
  • My wife wasn’t waking me up anymore from her snoring

So there you have it, Sleeping Earthed helps with the snoring side effects and we have even has some clients report this back to us too which is wonderful news.

If you are suffering with this issue, maybe our products can help you ? Why not investigate our 28 Days To Better ZZZ Guarantee ?

So if it doesn’t work for you in 28 days, we will take the product back from you no questions asked…..

What have you go to lose ?

If you have any questions click here to get our full UK based contact details. E mail or call us during office hours and we will be glad to advise you.

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