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By Steve Dalloway – June 2022

As a UK manufacturer of Earthing or Grounding Bed Sheets and Pillowcases, we are constantly amazed by what our customers tell us about the positive health benefits our products have on them.

Sleep Apnea was to us a very new thing in 2022, but as you will discover below, we seem to have stumbled upon something pretty interesting here.

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Sleep Apnea is one such topic that has come up quite regularly over the past few months here at Sleep Earthed, so we thought it was time we looked a little deeper in to it.

And if you are reading this, then you know all about what a destructive condition this is for you and the family.

Over the past few months we have been getting regular enquiries relating to Sleep Apnea and our Earthing Bed Sheets, so we decided to ask a respected friend who we know has the condition, to test drive our bed sheets and report back to us. This “friend of the company” had a bedsheet from us and we wanted him to report on what he experienced from using it.  We are still in the early stages of this trial, but the results so far are pretty positive.  We wanted to use someone who was a “product sceptic” and also “medically trained”.  As a consultant surgeon at a local hospital, this person fitted the bill perfectly.  Once we get a long term view, we will publish the results.

But what do our customers say right now about the product and its effects ?  Read on………

Customer Reviews

Just to be 100% clear, you can only be invited by to write a review about our products if you’ve actually purchased them.  So we know that the reviews we get are from actual clients and their real life experiences of our Earthing Products.

In early May 2022, we had feedback from a lady who had purchased a fitted sheet from us for her partner and herself. The male partner was suffering with all the symptoms of Sleep Apnea, but was not as yet formally diagnosed with the condition.  After using the Fitted Bed Sheet for a while, we got this rather startling review from her which is published on our feedback forum.

Its well worth seeing the full review on the website, so you get the full flavour of what our clients really say about the Sleep Earthed products.

So it seems that for some unexplained reason, our Sleep Earthed bed sheets whilst helping the clients sleep better, were also helping improve the Sleep Apnea too.

When you have something like Sleep Apnea, it tends to be a little all consuming, so anything that helps is worth a try right ?

A few weeks later another client sent us in the review below, which is even more astonishing.  As the UK manufacturers of the Earthing Bed Sheets, we are constantly amazed at what our clients tell us and when we can, we try to help others suffering with the same condition, by publishing this information.

We were so intrigued by this review, that we scheduled a call with this young boys mother in late June 2022, to get more insight into the story and to glean more information to potentially help others. We also wanted to understand ourselves the background to the story.

What she told us was really interesting, as her son had been using the sheet for about a month now and on purpose she had decided not to mention to him what the sheet was, or why it was on the bed.

In summary what she noticed over the first month was as follows:

  • Her son had almost entirely stopped snoring and was breathing well whilst sleeping. (Previously she could hear him snoring outside the bedroom easily)
  • His noisy breathing was much improved since using the bedsheet.
  • He was sleeping deeper and waking up more refreshed.
  • He appeared to be getting better quality sleep.
  • At school his teachers reported that he wasn’t so tired and grumpy in the afternoons.
  • This lady told me her son was also a happier child now.

Our final question was, “has anything else changed that could be causing this to happen ?” and the answer was a resounding No…….

As an aside, this lady told us that she also has a daughter who has had some difficulty in getting to sleep at night.  As a 9 year old she goes to bed around 8pm and reads until she is tired and ready to sleep, normally around 9pm.  This was prior to her daughter also getting an Earthing Bed Sheet. Now she has the sheet, she goes to sleep a little earlier and gets a good nights sleep.  Not an amazing transformation but worthy of a mention here. Overall, it appears that our Earthing Bed Sheets have helped avoid an operation that was suggested by a leading UK ENT Surgeon for her child. This lady firmly believes that he is sleeping much better now and not in need of the surgery, which is terrific news.

As we finished the call this lady told us that she herself could not quite believe what a transformation had occurred.  But she was over the moon that the Earthing Bed Sheet had helped immensely as this was the only thing that had changed in his life.  She couldn’t explain why it had been such a success, but she was just happy that it was.

So, it seems that in just a matter of a few weeks, we have had two independent clients report back the positive effects of Earthing on Sleep Apnea, Snoring and Noisy Breathing.

Have a question about this topic or our products ?  Please get in touch and we will be only too happy to hear from you. Contact Us Here.

Find out more about us and why we do what we do click here……  Our Story – Sleep Earthed


On taking a good look around the UK websites that give information on the condition, its clear that this is a huge problem for many people and the advice out there is summarised below.

Treatment In General For Snoring And Sleep Apnea
  • Lose weight if you’re overweight.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Drink alcohol moderately, if at all. Don’t drink in the hours before bedtime.
  • Quit smoking.
  • Use a nasal decongestant or allergy medications.
  • Don’t sleep on your back.
  • Avoid taking sedative medications such as anti-anxiety drugs or sleeping pills.

There are also a lot of helpful websites that we found whilst researching the condition and they are listed at the end of this piece.

Please note that we are not associated with any of the websites and can not validate the accuracy of their contents.

Useful Websites Relating to Sleep Apnea.

The websites below go into significant detail about the condition and what can be done to treat it.

Here at Sleep Earthed we just wanted to highlight that a non invasive product we make here in the UK, seems to be pretty successful as a treatment so far as our limited number of verified clients tell us.

We will naturally update this blog when we receive more information and updates from new clients relating to Sleep Apnea.

When you have clients telling you that the products you make have a good outcome regarding Sleep Apnea, then its worth letting the good news spread out.

Honestly, we just know about sleep. But if the products help other things, we are always keen to share the feedback.

If you have any questions about this piece, please feel free to contact us and unlike other companies who do what we do, our details can be found at the top of our website, as we are not shy about telling people who we are and what we do…….



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