What Is Earthing and Can It Improve Your Sleep ?

By Steve Dalloway.

25th March 2021

Lets talk about getting more and better quality sleep……

Sleep is such an essential part of who we are, but in these trying times, it’s sometimes very hard to get enough quality hours in to recharge the body.

But what if you really just can’t get to sleep and need some real help ?

The practice of “Earthing,” also known as “Grounding”, is known to help you improve your sleep, health, and general well-being.

Here at Sleep Earthed we make Earthing Bedsheets by hand in our UK manufacturing plant and all of our products are designed to give you a better night’s sleep.

Almost everything you need to know about earthing and how to put it into practice is included below.

We also make it really easy to contact us, so why not drop us a line or just simply pick up the phone. We are always here Monday to Friday to take your call.

Sleeping Earthed or Grounded is similar to the energy we get walking along a sandy beach bare foot.

What is Earthing and can it improve your sleep ?

Earthing simply means connecting your body directly to the earth’s surface and its just like walking barefoot on grass, or on a sandy beach.

Even though the term “Earthing” has only come about in the last few decades, the practice is as old as time itself. In recent years, grounding yourself typically whilst sleeping has become increasingly popular. Some manufacturers even claim some spectacular health benefits from doing it too.

 According to the grounding experts out there, the earth possesses healing energy that can’t be experienced unless you are connected in some way directly to the earth.

With the advent of insulated homes and with modern shoes with polymer soles, we are simply not connected every day to the earth, as we were a few hundred years ago.

One of the easiest and most efficient ways of getting connected to the earth for a good period every day, is to do it whilst you sleep. You don’t have to think about sleep or that fact you can’t sleep, you just let the Sleep Earthed sheet do its work and get you a better quality nights sleep.

We tried some of the products on offer from the major players in this market and we believed we could go one better, by being able to make a better quality, better earthed product here in the UK.

We also offer bespoke products too, such as Recovery recovery sleeping bags for use when you travel or even sheets for your bespoke bed in for example your camper van, using the special conductive organically produced material, used in the manufacture of these very innovative earthing products.

Some of the benefits that Sleeping Earthed can offer….

Our own experience of Sleeping Grounded or Sleeping Earthed – Did it improve our sleep ?

Well, from a bunch of very sceptical guys and girls here, we all decided we would try out the products to see if they actually worked prior to us deciding to put them into full production.

We noticed within a week or so that a few significant changes had occurred and you will be as surprised as we were, to see the list below:

  • We were not getting up either as frequently or in some cases not at all, to go to the toilet during the night.
  • We were actually getting a good nights sleep.
  • Our sleeping time in hours was significantly increased.
  • We felt, because we had slept better, we had more energy.
  • One of our guys with skin issues, says that his skin was improved over all and he had less scratching during the night too.
  • One of our team who is a complete insomniac and was waking up 5+ times a night reported significant sleep gain. As the most sceptical amongst us, he was the one who tipped us over the edge, to begin the process to manufacture this product range in the UK.

“When you ground the body,” says the master of grounding Mr. Clint Ober, who is an expert in the field, “the blood becomes negatively charged, just like the earth.” Ober explains with great insight that grounded blood cells acquire surface electrons that “repel blood cells from each other and keep cells from sticking together.” This, according to Mr. Ober, enhances the blood flow, tissue oxygenation, and nutrient exchange that helps your body recover during sleep.

There is a fair amount of research from within the earthing community, that shows grounding has some potentially positive effects on sleep and health:

Some of the studies report that earthing can influence the below

  • Better energy levels
  • Boosting sleeping time
  • Less stress

Whilst we have ourselves witnessed that the above is true, medical professionals agree that more research needs to be carried out on the subject. Many of the health based websites dealing with earthing, have quite interesting claims as to the effects of grounding the body.  Here at Sleep Earthed, we tend to stick to what we’ve experienced ourselves, which is simply better quality sleep.

Sleeping Earthed is like sleeping in lock step with nature.
Sleeping Earthed is like sleeping in lock step with nature.

How to simply utilise Earthing for better Sleep, Health and Wellbeing.

In our daily lives, we just don’t get in touch with the earth as much as our ancestors did.

A simple solution, as we spend from 1/4 to 1/3 of our day sleeping, is to take advantage of our down time and use an earthing sheet on our bed. All of the family can benefit from this including the pets. It’s not just the heads of the household who have trouble sleeping these days.

The Organic Cotton Conductive Bed Sheets made here at Sleep Earthed are so simple to fit and they have conductive silver wires that form a grid pattern on the sheet. This forms the basis of an earth grid when connected to the earthing point in your home.

All our sheets have special a 4 metre lead and a special plug that fits into the wall socket in your home. The plug and lead just utilise the earth point in the socket. The other pins are not used, as the energy from the earth is connected to your bedsheet as soon as you make that connection to the wall socket.

Is it safe ? Absolutely !  Its just the earth connection that’s being used and in essence this means that you are, through the wiring in your own home, eventually connected to an earthing point outside your home.  All homes have these.

When you now lay down to sleep, your body touches and connects with the the bedsheet and you become earthed.  This is when you get the best possible chance to sleep better, recharge the body and get those quality hours in.

There are other ways you can get grounded like mats under your feet when you work at a desk and wrist bands etc, but the only way that requires almost zero effort, is the conductive organic bed sheet method offered by amongst many ourselves, Sleep Earthed.

Sleep Earthed Entry level Grounding Half Sheet made in the UK
Sleep Earthed Entry level Grounding Half Sheet made in the UK

Plus did you know that almost all of the bedsheets on offer on eBay, Amazon and the big players online, come from and are made in China ?

We decided that we wanted to bring back a little of that “British Manufacturing” our country has sorely missed over the past few decades.  Manufacturing our top quality sheets at our brand new dedicated state of the art factory in Leominster in Herefordshire, was the obvious choice, to ensure the quality we always build into our products.

If you have any questions feed free to contact us on 01527 522 522 or info@sleepearthed.co.uk

With free delivery and no quibble returns, plus our 28 Days To Better Sleep Guarantee, isn’t it time you got to Sleep Earthed ?

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