The Benefits Of Sleeping Earthed….

By Steve Dalloway – Sleep Earthed

20th February 2021

Sleep when you can’t get it is frustrating and can be down right annoying. Laying in bed counting sheep and not getting to the point of dropping off can have a really detrimental effect on your physical and mental health.

Here at Sleep Earthed we had this problem too and we found that by using an earthed bed sheet, it really helped us get a much better nights sleep.

But how and why does being connected to the earth or being grounded in bed actually help us ? What is Sleeping Earthed ?

Harnessing the natural powers of the earth can help and by using these earthing sheets we found here at Sleep Earthed that it helped our sleep improve quite dramatically. We went from broken nights sleep and multiple visits to the loo per night to 6 to 8 hours of unbroken nights sleep. One of our guys is a real insomniac and he really struggles. So we got him in the Double Bed Earthing sheet and within a few weeks he went from maybe 2 to 3 hours a night, to 6 hours. He was a sceptic that’s now a believer.

In modern life, we are pretty much insulated for being connected to the earth other than in the summer when we walk outside on the grass barefoot, or take a swim in the sea. Modern shoes with the synthetic soles insulate us from the earth also, so day to day we are not really getting the contact with the earth that’s good for us.

So by using something like an earthing sheet on the bed, you have to make absolutely zero effort to become grounded and getting the benefit of being connected to the earth whilst you lay there on the bed. Plus if you sleep or stay in bed for 6, 7 or 8 hours, your body is getting that recharging energy that is so beneficial. There is no limit to how much earthing you can have.

All modern houses have an earth or grounding point in each wall socket for safety reasons. The Sleep Earthed Sheets simply plug into a wall socket and that’s how they get the ground connection.

A common misconception is that these sheets require power for them to operate. That’s simply not true. On each wall socket the earth is connected internally to an earth cable which eventually ends up actually in the ground outside your house, flat or apartment. So we can conveniently use this to get the sheet earthed through the plug and socket in the wall. The other two pins on the special plug do nothing at all, as they are plastic and not metal. The only reason they are there is to make the plug more physically stable when in the wall.

But what makes the sheets conductive ? Well these sheets and especially the good ones are made from Organic Cotton and interlaced with very fine silver threads. The threads form a criss cross pattern vertically and horizontally and when connected to a special plug and lead they become earthed.

It’s important that the sheets are washed regularly to avoid the silver from becoming tarnished and degrading over time from sweat when you sleep.

Sleep Earthed was set up to manufacture these sheets in the UK, as we found that there were people who wanted to buy an Organic Cotton option that had all the right eco credentials. Plus made right here in the UK too in our own factory.

The big point is that everyone in our company uses these sheets now and we all believe in them. Interestingly even the ones who were super sceptical from day 1 are now converts.

Take a tour of the website to find out more…….

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