Health Benefits Of Earthing During Sleep

By Steve Dalloway – Sleep Earthed

22nd July 2021

At Sleep Earthed, we focus on our products that help to give you a better nights sleep, via our Grounded Organic Bed Sheet products, but there are are other health benefits too.

As manufacturers and engineers, we take an open minded and balanced approach to health claims and whist we can’t prove them ourselves, there are other companies and scientists out there that are confident enough to state that Earthing Products can do quite a few remarkable things to improve our general health.

Many of the reviews and papers generated in this area emanate from the USA, where Earthing is big business and widely used.

From earthing mats you stand on, to shoes and mouse mats, the list of earthing product is extensive.

But the simplest and most effective way we have found to take advantage of the Earths power, is definitely during sleep.

One of the lowest cost ways of testing the incredible phenomenon of Earthing, is to try an earthing pillow case to see if it works for you.

We’ve produced a list below of all the relevant information that we could find and the ones we can personally verify as users of the sheets ourselves since 2019, are in the first section below.

What we here at Sleep Earthed Observed.

The Earthing Bed Sheets help you sleep better, longer and awake feeling more refreshed.

Using the Earthed Bed Sheets reduced the number of times we got up in the night to use the toilet.

By using the Organic Earthed Bedsheets, the quality of our sleep was improved.

As a test, we stopped using the Organic Earthed Bed Sheets for a week and within a few days we were back in our old routine of multiple visits to the toilet in the night and broken sleep. When we re-introduced the earthing ort grounding bed sheets again, we quickly went back to our old, but better sleep patterns.

What others say about the health Benefits of sleeping Earthed.

Pain Management, Stress and Inflammation.

Many websites tell you that by using the earthing products like ours, this can help to manage back and joint pain. There are studies which claim that the phenomenon of grounding also reduces inflammation for may earthing users.

The bodies nervous system is in fact an electrical system and influences all kinds of activities. An influx of negative electrons from the earth, through the bed sheet, has been shown to calm the nervous system by shifting the autonomic nervous system from the sympathetic, “fight-or-flight” response toward the parasympathetic “rest-and-digest” response.

In simple terms, it calms the body during the sleep cycle.

Sleep and stress reduction are vital for managing pain and decreasing the risks of many chronic health conditions as far as the research shows..

In a US study of 60 individuals suffering from sleep disturbances and chronic muscle and joint pain for at least six months, grounding each night for a one month period, produced a 74 to 100 percent improvement in the following:

  • Quality of sleep
  • Feeling rested upon waking
  • Muscle stiffness and pain
  • Chronic back and joint pain
  • General well-being

From this study the researchers concluded that grounding helps to establish a normal cortisol level at night, which improves sleep, pain, and stress. There is a detailed link below explaining what cortisol is and what part it plays in the bodies functioning.

So in conclusion we here at SleepEarthed can tell you that categorically, it helped us to get a better nights sleep.

We will leave it up to you to digest the information from the sources below, but the general consensus is that it helps on may levels and there are minimal downsides to earthing. Its just like walking on the beach barefooted or on the grass outside your home. Its completely safe.

Useful links to other websites.

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Please note that SleepEarthed are not associated with any of these websites and we can not be held responsible for the data and information they hold, or any views they may support.

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