Why Does goop love Grounding Earthing Sheets?

As an avid fan of the goop website ourselves, we’re also advocates of the power of wellness and wellbeing through earthing and are aware of the many considerable benefits earthing can provide to aid a better nights sleep through the use of grounding earthing mats and earthing pillows.

In a recent article, Earthing: The Art of Walking Barefoot by goop, the article discusses the many benefits of earthing and how earthing can help you overcome your insomnia and enable you to gain a better nights sleep. Here at Sleep Earthed, we too see the benefits of Sleeping Earthed and the many positives it can offer to your lifestyle.

In particular, gaining a better nights sleep is really important, which is why we have developed our own earthing range of products here in the UK. For instance, our founders here at Sleep Earthed were able to overcome their own insomnia by understanding and using earthing products which contributed to them gaining a better nights sleep.

So how can using Earthing Sheets aid better sleep?

When it comes to earthing (or grounding depending on your preferred description), you have to find the right earthing sheet that suits you. Our earthing sheet mats are organic, come in variety of sizes to fit all beds from single, double and king size mattresses. Our earthing sheets are sold as a half sized organic earthing sheet and full sized organic earthing sheets, depending on your earthing requirements. Most people get a fully fitted sheet as they are much easier to fit when you change the bed sheets.

We’re so confident you will experience the benefits of a better nights sleep using one of our UK manufactured earthing sheets, that we offer a 28 day’s to better Zzz’s guarantee or your money back!

Ready to buy? Buy from our UK Earthing Sheet Store with free UK delivery !

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