Are Earthing Sheets Made in the UK Equal ?

By Steve Dalloway – Sleep Earthed

27th April 2021

From our research, all Earthing Sheets are not created equal……

When we decided to start making our range of Earthing Sheets in our Leominster factory, we decided to really improve on what was out there already.

So if the old adage “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is true, why would we decide to reinvent the wheel, when it comes to this range of products that are sold worldwide, to assist people in sleeping better ?

Well we saw an opportunity, to put a little more electrical product security into the sheets, to ensure a long term earth connection to the Organic Conductive Cotton. This 100% guarantees a permanent connection between the popper and the conductive silver threads in the material.

This means that you are always guaranteed to be earthed when you use our sheets, as long as the cable is connected properly.

With the conventional conductive sheets out there, the popper you fix the cable to, is connected to the sheet by just a few square millimetres of silver thread ( see pics below ). Its such a small area of connection that we felt we could offer a much better more secure “bulletproof” solution.

On our sheets, we have a conductive layer of around 24 square centimetres, connecting the popper to the sheet. By doing this connection in this way, we absolutely guarantee the earth will always be there wash after wash, for years to come. Essentially that’s the difference, plus we use UK people in our Herefordshire factory to produce them for our clients.

Out there on Amazon, Ebay and all the other manufacturers, the products you see with Black Reinforcing Points on them are made in China and all are the type with minimum connection to the conductive sheet. If you see Dark Green Reinforcing Points, they are manufactured by us only – Sleep Earthed.

Initially when we started researching these products with a view to making them in the UK, we thought that the black reinforcing patch was conductive. When we tested it we found that is wasn’t. As manufacturers with an electrical engineering background, we decided that we needed to add a new layer off conductive material under the green reinforcing layer, to ensure ultimate conductivity for our clients long term use of the product.

All of our products are 100% tested before leaving our factory, to ensure the product is doing what it should, so you don’t have to.

Below is a picture of an earthing sheet with the “non conductive” reinforcing patch purchased from Amazon.

And one made in the UK by Sleep Earthed with the extra conductive layer added.

Conductive material below showing the criss cross pattern of silver threads, that earth you as you sleep and from our own personal experience, giving you a much better nights sleep with fewer visits to the bathroom during the night.

Conductive earth sheet bedding material showing the silver threads that when connected to an earth socket, make the sheet a fantastic place to sleep earthed and get your best nights sleep possible.

And then plugged in to a wall socket to complete the earth connection, using the special cable and earthing plug.

sleep earthed plug that connects via a 4m cable to the earthed conductive bed sheet manufactured in the UK.

So in conclusion, the complete aim of Sleep Earthed is to offer a UK made, quality product that will give you years of use and remain electrically perfect due to better manufacturing techniques designed to improve the products long term earthing to the bedsheet.

Should you have any questions about our products please just contact us here.

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