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UK Sized Fitted Earthing Bed Sheets – UK Made – All Sizes Available With Silver Threads

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The UK Manufactured Organic Fitted Earthing Bed Sheets are simply a delight to lay down and ground yourself with.  Soft to the touch and they are simply the best way to enter the world of sleeping earthed.  We do them in all the most popular bed sizes and if you don’t see your size or want something specially made, just get in touch via our contact us section. All our fitted sheets come with a free UK plug and 4m earth connection cable as standard.

For USA & European Clients – Please “Double Check” your bed size as UK and US / EU bed sizes are different.

With Fast Free UK Delivery too.  Are you ready to try Sleeping Earthed…….

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Our UK manufactured Earthed Bed Sheet Range is made with 100% certified Organic Cotton and is easy to fit on any bed size.

Its a great product and is designed to simply get you Earthed or Grounded whilst you rest and help you get a better nights sleep.

  • Made in the UK for UK bed sizes
  • Free UK delivery
  • Super soft organic cotton with silver conductive threads
  • Easy to wash and tumble dry
  • Earths your body whilst you sleep
  • Comes complete with earthing sheet and plug / 4m cable
  • Standard and deep mattress options available so it fits the bed perfectly
  • Made to fit UK bed sizes – USA Clients please click here

But they can do more !  We concentrate on the sleep aspect, but there are other health benefits too. See our Health Blog here. Our Earthing Sheets have silver conductive thread woven into them to form a matrix and are hand made in our UK factory.

Most other companies sheets online, are purchased directly from and made in China. The Sleep Earthed fitted sheets have elasticated corners and we use conductive material on the whole sheet, not just on the top like our competitors. Although its more expensive to do it this way, we think aesthetically it looks much better on the bed. After trying these products ourselves, we became convinced that they were a valuable tool in helping you get a better nights sleep, which is incredibly important for our overall well-being.

The sheet simply goes on top of your bed as normal and then is connected to ground (earth) via a cable and plug that goes to your wall socket. It simply replaces your normal fitted bed sheet.  That’s it ! It couldn’t be simpler…..

When we used the products at home, we found that we got a good uninterrupted 6 to 8 hours sleep, which was a big improvement for all of us. One of our guys here is a complete insomniac and even he is sleeping better now.  We believe in this product so much, that we decided to make it here in our own factory in Herefordshire. We felt this was a great advantage for our customers, knowing that what they sleep on was hand made in the UK.

The organic cotton sheet feels soft to the touch and is easy to fit. Generally once people find that it works, the whole family tends to get treated to one. Need to know more ? Have you a bespoke application that no one else can help you with ? Why not send us an email, or give us a call to discuss what you need ?

As we are manufactures and designers, we can make everything from a sheet for a pets bed, to one for a camper van. We are also not shy about telling people who we are or where we are based, so feel free to pick up the phone for a chat. Soft to the touch and all designed to help you get a better nights sleep.

For laundering the product, we find its best to wash it at 40C weekly, with a non bio eco detergent / no conditioner and to protect the sheet wash it separately.  Tumble dry on a medium heat.  We recommend you use Laundry Strips from Tru Earth and Soap Nuts from Ecozone.  We’ve tried both and we really like them a lot.

Have some questions or want to call us to place an order over the phone ? No problems, just e mail us from our contact us form or call us on 01527 522 522 and ask for Steve or Simon the Earthing Guru’s.

Earthing Bed Sheets Fitted – UK Bed Specifications

Single Bed (UK Size)
Width 90cm ( 35″)
Length 190cm  (75″)
Side Depth Up to 28cm (11″) Std mattress or Up to 32cm (13″) Deep mattress
Double Bed (UK Size)
Width 135cm ( 53″)
Length 190cm  (75″)
Side Depth Up to 28cm (11″) Std mattress or Up to 32cm (13″) Deep mattress
King Sized Bed (UK Size)
Width 150cm (59″)
Length  200cm (79″)
Side Depth Up to 28cm (11″) Std mattress or Up to 32cm (13″) Deep mattress
Super King Sized Bed (UK Size)
Width 180cm (71″)
Length  200cm (79″)
Side Depth Up to 28cm (11″) Std mattress or Up to 32cm (13″) Deep mattress
Queen Sized Bed (UK Size)
Width 120cm (47″)
Length 190cm (75″)
Side Depth Up to 28cm (11″) Std mattress or Up to 32cm (13″) Deep mattress
Emperor Sized Bed (UK Size)
Width 200cm (79″)
Length 200cm (79″)
Side Depth Up to 28cm (11″) Std mattress or Up to 32cm (13″) Deep mattress

All fitted sheets have the below as standard

Earthing Point Yes
Organic Cotton Yes
Elasticated Sides Yes
Earthing Plug (UK / EU / US ) Yes
4m Earth Lead (157″) Yes
Weight N/A
Dimensions 36 × 27 × 8 cm
Bed Size

Single Bed Sheet UK 90cm (W) x 190cm (L), Double Bed Sheet UK 135cm (W) x 190cm (L), King Sized Bed Sheet UK 150cm (W) x 200cm (L), Super King Sized Bed Sheet UK 180cm (W) x 200cm (L), Queen Sized Bed Sheet UK 120cm (W) x 190cm (L), Emperor Sized Bed Sheet UK 200cm (W) x 200cm (L)

Mattress Depth

Standard Mattress up to 28cm deep, Deep Mattress up to 32cm deep

Plug Fitting

EU Plug, UK Plug

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